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Early morning appointments

We hold early appointments with the health care assistant and practice nurse from 7:30 – 8:00am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

Antenatal clinic

Thursday 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

The clinic is staffed by the midwife and is designed to allow expectant mothers and fathers the time to discuss their needs during pregnancy and labour. 

Childhood immunisations

Wednesday 1.00 pm – 3.30pm

Childhood immunisation are given by the practice nurse. These are important preventative measures to ensure that your child stays well.

Nurse practitioner

We have highly skilled nurse practitioners you can make an appointment with who can assess and treat many conditions usually seen by a GP, as well as prescribing medication. 

Healthcare assistants

The healthcare assistant takes bloods, review patients as part of their Year of Care (YoC) review, NHS health checks and provide some injections. 

Practice nurses

The practice nurses provide general health advice for all, including women’s health, holiday immunisations, health education / advice and Year of Care (YoC) reviews.

Smear clinics

Held within general clinics with the practice nurse.

It is important that all women should have a smear test from age 25 at the recommended time interval.

Minor surgery and coil and contraceptive implant clinic

Please ask one of the receptionists for the date of the next clinic.

Long Term Health Condition Reviews

This includes, Heart Failure, Asthma, Respiratory and Stroke

Held within general practice nurse clinics with the Year of Care Review system. 

Offers regular review and follow-up for patients with heart disease and related problems.

Asthma and respiratory clinic

We have a specialist nurse who holds a clinic each Friday in the practice and offers advice and care for those with respiratory illnesses.

Weight management clinic

Held within general practice nurse clinics.

Diabetic clinic

Thursday  1pm – 4pm. Reviews with the practice nurse and diabetic dietitian.

Diabetic annual and six month assessment appointments (for blood tests and other readings) are held within general practice nurse clinics.

Offers a full range of services for diabetic patients, including annual review, regular monitoring, dietary advice and chiropody.


A speciality nurse reviews Frail and Elderly patients recently discharged from hospital to ensure to continuity of care.  This may involve home visits, referrals and support with medication whilst liaising with the GP’s in practice. 


Year of Care

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